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The Range Of Kids Military Toys

If your children are into all things army then you will not be stuck for choices when it comes to buying them presents.

The range of army related gifts is very varied and includes:

  • toy army men,
  • Lego military sets,
  • toy army tanks and other vehicles,
  • kids military gear for role playing, such as toy army guns and costumes; and
  • board games, video games and jigsaw puzzles.

There are many cheap and cheerful army toys and playsets available online but if your child plays with his collection a lot, you may want to consider some of the better quality versions on offer. Choosing from the well known brands mentioned below will typically offer larger, more detailed and more durable toys to last the test of time.

Here is a quick rundown of the types of toys on offer:


Plastic Army Men Toys

Army Men ToysYou can buy army action figures quite cheaply in various sized toy army men sets. They are typically small, green army men toys who are posed in fixed positions so children can arrange them in their imaginary battles. A small set of 40 pieces will cost about $7 while larger collections of 1,000 army toy soldiers offer great value for money at about $25 but are often of lower quality. Toy army soldiers can be found for every era, from medieval, to the Civil War, to WWI and WWII up to the current day.

Anyone who has watched the Toy Story movies will know these little green army men are often found helping out, so you can also buy buckets of Toy Story army men or a 90 piece Toy Story Lego soldiers set which includes figures and an army Jeep.

Staying with the movie theme, GI Joe toy army soldiers are hugely popular following the movie in 2009. This range includes large scale army men toys which are highly detailed and articulated. These cost upwards of $10 per figure. They can be played with following the movie themes but also offer great imaginary play for any army scenarios. They are aimed at children four years and over, who can act out mini battles and ensure good triumphs over evil. There are numerous different size army men figures, as well as vehicles, so you will be sure to find one that suits your budget. They are well made as you would expect from the toy giant Hasbro, so you can be assured of spending your money wisely. The smallest army figure stands 3.75″ tall and starts at around $10, whilst the 12″ figures go for around $20. Even the smallest come with weapon accessories but for the extra money you get real clothing and electronic sounds.

For kids who are more into the whole model scene, you can buy Airfix toy soldiers in two different sizes which can be built, painted and then played with.

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Lego Army Sets For Kids

Lego Army MenFrom Lego soldiers, to Lego guns and tanks, the world of custom army Legos is vast. I say ‘custom’ as unfortunately Lego themselves do not have a range of modern day warfare sets. But this has not stopped the hobbyists and custom manufacturers from filling the gap in the market. Minifigs, mini Lego guns and custom kits for detailed vehicles are becoming easier and easier to find.

Of course, you can build anything with Lego and you just have to look online for inspiration from serious Lego builders. But if you are after army building block sets for your child you will have to look elsewhere. The Mega Bloks Probuilder range is well thought of and includes many military models. There is a good range of toy helicopters, ships, airplanes and tanks suitable for children aged over 8 years old. They range in price from about $20 for the 343 piece Gromitz Minehunter Boat to closer to $300 for the 1,700 piece USS Kittyhawk. As you can see from the number of pieces they are very detailed and quite advanced building block sets but come with easy to follow instructions.

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Toy Guns For Kids

Toy Guns For KidsToy army guns are available by the bucket load in any style your child fancies, from handguns to shotguns, rifles and even submachine guns. Some even have rotating bullets and sounds. Shooting the bad guy is seen as innocent fun for boys all over the world. The role play options are endless and games of cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians or for something more futuristic, battling space aliens offer lots of imaginative and active play. Great army toy guns to look out for are those that are part of full combat sets with accessories such as grenades, vests and helmets.

Whilst not exactly military issue replicas, Hasbro’s Nerf guns are also good for some shooting and battling fun as they lead the way in blaster style toy guns and receive rave reviews. One of the hot picks from last Christmas, the Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Dart Blaster, is still a top choice and can be bought for around $30.

Kids wanting to play with toy military guns should first be taught about gun safety, not because these toys are dangerous necessarily (although care should always be taken) but because of what they represent. Kids are never too young to learn the distinction between role play with guns and what they mean in real life.

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Toy Military Vehicles

Toy army vehicles can be purchased individually or in bulk sets which offer good value for money. You can get 100 items including army tank toys, jets, trucks, flags and more for around $25. You can also buy larger scale, more detailed models individually of toy army tanks, battleships etc.

Unimax do a good range of authentic model vehicles made from die cast metal and plastic. They offer many different styles of battle tanks, cargo trucks, battleships, helicopters and airplanes which are all very detailed. Their models are either 1:32 or 1:72 scale models and prices start at around $16 going up to over $500. They are probably best for children aged at least 7 years old and are even suitable for serious collectors.

The MegaBloks ProBuilder range also includes army vehicles such as the 545 piece Navy Destroyer battleship for $35 as well as many other army boats.

Remote control helicopters and tanks seem to be a particular favorite with kids today as well. The Syma RC helicopter range is full of military models and the RC tank range is huge with a wide variety of prices.

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Kids Army Gear

Kids Army GearAs well as toy guns, the range of army role play toys, includes tactical gear such as camouflage helmets, combat vests, binoculars, kids walkie talkies and grenades. Dressing up wise there is a large range of army costumes for kids costing around $25 covering the army, SWAT and Special Forces.

For covert operations and night time fun, EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars and Goggles are well thought of but are top end toys. Toys may in fact be an over simplification as these bits of kit feature real night vision technology allowing you to see up to 50 feet away. They are not cheap though starting at $50 for the binoculars.

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Army Bedroom

Camo BeddingThe natural extension for a kid into army toys, is to have an army bedroom. For a quick and easy makeover, choosing some camo bedding is the place to start as the bed is often the focal point of the room. Available colors include the classic olive green, blue for a cool and interesting look as well as pink for girls. There are even camo crib bedding options available. Most camo bed sets cost between $25 and $100.

If camouflage bedding is not going to be enough, you can also find camo curtains, wall stickers, lamp shades, light switches and soft furnishings all with an army theme. Just remember to take it slow as camo is a bold statement and too much of it will look disastrous.

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Army Games For Kids

Board GamesFor children who are more into army strategy than role play, there are a few board games available. A version of Monopoly has been made for all areas of the armed services including the army, navy and air force. The game play is similar to what you are used to although the board is a custom design. You travel from basic training to HQ collecting troops and equipment cards as you go and you fortify your properties instead of building houses. For $17 it is well thought of.

Perhaps the most well known military game is Risk where you employ strategy and hope for some luck as you attempt to persuade your attackers to move on somewhere else.

Of course there is also always Battleships to keep you busy seeking and destroying your enemy.

With such a collection of games and army toys for kids out there to choose from, there is plenty to satisfy your child’s interest in the armed forces.

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