Airfix has been well known for its high quality model kits since the 1950’s, as they are loved by kids and adults alike. Their range of plastic army men toys includes small 1:72 models as well as larger 1:32 scale versions. They are a great option to use to create your kids toy army as they are almost indestructible – a much needed trait in boys army toys.

There are many different Airfix toy soldiers to choose from covering British, German, and US Paratroops and Infantrymen and many others. With the military of so many countries represented, you can recreate the great battles from history with these army action figures and their accessories.

The original versions are now very collectible with collectors being particularly interested in the slightly different features between sets. As well as army toy soldiers, Airfix also make army vehicle and building model kits. These include tanks, dioramas and battlegrounds and are equally well made and collectible. The best place to find the more collectible items is on .

For those parents interested solely in the play value of these toy army soldiers though, brand new sets have recently been released. These more up to date versions have set the bar high with the plastic toy soldiers being increasingly accurate and paying minute attention to detail. With the use of precision mouldings, sophisticated techniques and modern materials, scale models have truly arrived in the 21st century. Gone are the days of messy glue fingers and fiddly stickers.

Airfix Toys Soldiers 1:72 Scale

For around £5, you can buy a number of Airfix 1:72 scale models. These sets contain the smaller versions of army men toy soldiers (approx 1″/2 cm tall) but come with 40-50 pieces. Despite their small size they are highly detailed and durable. They are easy to put together, having the lowest skill level of the Airfix kits (level 1). They contain accurately modeled soldiers from a number of different armies. Both officers and infantry men are included along with weapons such as swords and rifles. The figures come in a good mix of poses and with the size of these sets, your child will be happy to play for hours. They do require painting although their small size makes this a tad tricky! The Classic Kits contain figures using the designs originally worked on in the 1960’s.

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Airfix WWII British Paratroops Figures Classic Kit Series 1
More than ever with British Paratroops you imagine action and this set allows great action scenes to be created. The pieces include collapsed parachutes, suppy containers as well as a mortar and crew.

Airfix British Commandos

Just right for role playing amphibious operations, this exciting British Commandos set contains scaling ladders, grapnels and an assault canoe.

Airfix WWII British Infantry Figures Classic Kit Series 1

The models of British Infantrymen who served in Western Europe during WWII include riflemen, machine gunners, and radio operators.

Airfix Gurkhas Figures Classic Kit Series 1

The Nepalese Gurkhas were part of the British Army who fought in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

Airfix WWII US Marines Figures Classic Kit Series 1

Create action scenes with these “Leathernecks” – choose US Marines with bazookas or flame throwers or even an inflated assault boat.

Airfix WWII German Infantry Figures Classic Kit Series 1

German infantry soldiers ready to do battle with the British. Weapons include grenade throwers and an anti-tank gun.

Airfix Afrika Corps

Afrika Korps toy soldier figures.

Airfix Japanese Infantry

Japanese army soldiers from the Pacific. Weapons include swords, buglers, rifles, sub-machine guns and grenades.


Airfix Toys Soldiers 1:32 Scale

For around £6, you can get great value for money from the Airfix 1:32 toy soldier sets. These are a better size than the 1:72 models being around 6cm tall but you only get 14 pieces in a set. They are still easy to put together, only requiring a skill level of 1 but do need painting. There is a good range of poses on offer, but the only downside is that the contents of the box may vary so you could get a few of the same or not the one you are hoping for.

Airfix British Commandos Figures Classic Kit Series 2

British Commando figures.

Airfix British Paratroops Figures Classic Kit Series 2

Paint these British Paratroops in their maroon beret and distinctive shoulder patch before sending them into battle.

Airfix British Infantry Figures Classic Kit Series 2

British Infantry soldier figures.

Airfix British 8th Army Figures Classic Kit Series 2

The Eighth Army soldier figures represent those who fought in the North African and Italian campaigns.

Airfix US Paratroopers Figures Classic Kit Series 2

US Paratroops figures.

Airfix US Infantry Figures Classic Kit Series 2

US Infantry soldier figures.

Airfix German Paratroopers Figures Classic Kit Series 2

Figures representing the German Paratroops who invaded Norway, the Netherlands and Crete.

Airfix German Infantry Figures Classic Kit Series 2

German Infantry soldier figures.

Airfix Afrika Korps Figures Classic Kit Series 2

Defeat these Afrika Korps figures with the set of the British 8th Army.


James May’s Toy Stories: The Airfix Handbook

For true Airfix fans, James May, the well known co-presenter of the BBC’s motoring show, Top Gear, has written an Airfix Handbook just for you. It is a fascinating insight into how each scale model comes into being from starting life as just a drawing.


Airfix plastic toy soldiers offer great value for money in their 1:32 and 1:72 scale model kits. They will certainly add some variety to your child’s collection of traditional green army men toys. They offer a huge amount of detail compared to the bag of 100 soldiers you can pick up for 99p so are well worth this small investment. Don’t forget to collect vehicles, buildings and landscape kits to create very real battle scenes.

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