If you are looking for some kids army gear for a birthday or Christmas present, look no further than the new Armouron body armour toy from Bandai. These colorful, customisable suits of armour allow children to dress up as knights and fight any make believe baddies that get in their way. The basic Armouron starter sets contain the basic suit, helmet and shield but there are also three accessory sets that can be bought as extras. These allow the basic suits to be personalised with embellishments such as spikes, flames and wings. More accessories including new weapons are expected to be introduced shortly.

The starter set of armour comes as a flat pack and needs to be constructed which adds to the fun of the toy. The build is easy and the connections are made with Snapperon clips. These clips are also used to fix on the accessories and as they come in different colors can be used as personalisation in their own right. Once built the high density foam armour is light to wear and easy to take apart and rebuild.

Currently only available in the UK, Armouron action sets are expected to reach the US before Christmas.

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To complement the new Armouron army costumes for kids, a range of Armouron books has been released. If you want to encourage your kids to pick up a book and read, these are a great choice. They can follow the adventures of futuristic knights and then dress up in their suits and act out the various story lines. The idea of the suits is that they bestow upon the wearer special skills and abilities – kids are sure to take this idea to heart and have hours of creative role play fun with their friends.

Armouron is aimed at children aged 4 and over, although the ideal height for a perfect fit is between 104-130cm. The accessory packs extend the excitement of the armour, by allowing for mixing and matching between add ons. They can be swapped out with friends costumes and help make the overall effect more fearsome.

Armouron Starter Sets

Kids can have lots of fun building these suits of armour by joining all of the pieces together. The enclosed Snapperons are easy to use and are included with the red or blue chest armour, helmet with visor and circular shield. Two sets are available – please click for more information and prices on the Red Starter Set or the Blue Starter Set


Armouron Accessory Set – Spikes

Extend the fun to be had with the Armouron costumes with the various accessory packs. They make the whole suit seem more knight-like with their five additional pieces. There are two pieces for the shoulders, one for the shield and two for the helmet. They are shaped as spikes, flames or wings, depending on the pack you buy. All pieces are easy to join to the main suit with the extra Snapperons that come with each set although you may need extras to fix all pieces. Packs of six gold or silver Snapperons can be purchased separately. Just make sure you have already bought the starter set of armour or the accessory pack will be no use to you.

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Armouron Accessory Set – Flames

The accessory set also comes in a Flames design.

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Armouron Accessory Sets – Wings

The accessory set also comes in a Wings design.

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Armouron Snapperons 6 Clips

Snapperon clips join the different bits of the armour together, whether these are the main pieces or the accessories. These packs of six clips that come in gold or silver can also be used to further personalise your Armouron body armour.

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Armouron Books

Armouron: The Armoured Ghost is one of the four books currently available in this new adventure series. This the start of the story when four young knights learn their craft and have to defeat the evil Armouronaut. For any boys into their adventure books, these will be a new series for them to become addicted to.

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