Army costumes for kids may be needed for a fancy dress party or just for role play dressing up. They can be fun for both and come in a wide range of styles. The term covers quite a broad spectrum of military themed clothing so you can pick from various get ups from the army, navy or air force.

Your basic costume will comprise a uniform – this could be a real one, borrowed from friends or family or bought from an army supplies store, or those specifically made as costumes that can be bought online at places like Amazon or . A real one will obviously be a lot more authentic but if you are looking for kids army costumes, you will be stuck as they are not made in such small sizes.

Army Officer Costume

This Army Officer Costume comes in many sizes from child to adult.

Special Forces Kids Army Costume

This Special Forces Kids Army Costume is a jumpsuit that comprises a muscle chest, detachable face mask, goggles and helmet.

Desert Comando Kids Army Costume

This Desert Comando Kids Army Costume is a jumpsuit that comprises a padded chest, helmet with removable foam face mask and goggles.

The uniforms can be those from the lower ranks of the services or for something a bit more fancy, those for officers. The former would be better for role play and the latter for party wear. A basic uniform will comprise a shirt, pants and a cap. Once you have the uniform, you can then dress it up with accessories such as military boots, caps, helmets, replica weapons, dog tags, badges and bullet belts. But perhaps most importantly, don’t forget your camouflage makeup, to get you really into character.

Army fancy dress outfits are available for men and women as well as children. Some of those for ladies are very much on the sexy side and the army girl fancy dress costume is very popular these days. These are available in a wide array of camouflage patterns and come as short skirts or cut off shorts and tight tops, long or cropped. They can be worn with high heel boots to complete the look.

When looking for an army fancy dress costume, you first need to decide on which branch of the military you want to represent – army, navy or air force. You then need to consider whether you prefer a period, traditional or more modern costume and even whether you want a costume that represents the armed forces of another country. More unusual costumes are best found on Ebay where you can find , those worn in and even costumes amongst others. Once you have narrowed down the basic uniform, you can begin to accessorize and even go as far as restyling your hair to get the right look.

Army costumes are popular for fancy dress parties as they give off a sense of patriotism and power. But they are also worn by those in social groups whose hobby it is to role play military exercises in their free time. Similar events are also undertaken by businesses as part of team building workshops. You may also be looking for an army costume if you are an actor and have a relevant role that you need to get into character for.

Whichever uniform you go for, make sure it is realistic and made of good quality material. Costumes come in many age ranges and cost from $20 upwards. They are the perfect gift for a child with a large collection of other kids army gear.

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