If your child is into army toys then once you’ve bought them their fill of army men toys, they are going to need some tanks and other toy army vehicles to complete their play experience.

As such you will want to know what is on offer in the tank toys for kids range and what if anything is any good. Basically army tank toys can be categorized into three groups: basic toy tanks, remote control toy tanks, toy tank model kits and collectors pieces.

Below we cover each group and give you our ‘top picks’ for what is worth buying.

Basic Toy Tanks

Die Cast Toy Tanks – 3 Piece Set

This pack of three die cast army tanks makes the ideal play set for army mad children. Each tank is a different camouflage color and the main gun on each moves up and down. They are not a bad size at 4.5″ long by 2.25″ wide and being friction powered you just pull back and let go for great role play fun. They are well detailed making for a nice looking toy. They are also available as single tanks. Click the link to read our more detailed review of these toy army tanks.

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Military Vehicles Backpack Playset

This playset offers good value for money coming with 10 die cast metal and plastic army vehicles and accessories. The plastic backpack is great for storing or carrying the toys out on trips or to friends houses and the cardboard backing doubles up as a playmat and game. The vehicles may vary between packs, but you are likely to get a tank or two. The quality between the plastic and die cast toys can vary but some details like a moving track on the tank are a nice touch.

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RC Toy Tanks

Abrams Remote Control Toy Tank 1:24

For a more fun army toy tank, why not consider a remote control version for the ultimate in role play. This 1:24 scale model of an Abrams tank comes equipped with a motor air gun that fires up to 40 6mm Airsoft BBs in a fast continuous stream with a range of up to 25 meters.

The turret can spin 320 degrees and the gun can be raised to a 20 degree height. It is large at 41cm long and can move via the remote control forwards at two speed settings or backwards. Everything you need is included in the set such as the tank, the RC, a battery charger and rechargeable battery. It also includes a box of accessories and a box of BB pellets.

The tank’s detailing is very realistic as is its motion and the caterpillar tracks have a good grip meaning it runs well on uneven terrain such as your carpet, or even courses that you might want to create in your garden.

The only downsides are that you need to stay within 10-12′ of the tank for the RC to function properly and that the BB pellets can hurt if they hit you. There is a safety feature on the firing mechanism to stop accidents though.

This RC toy tank is quick to charge and get going – a 15 minute charge will set you up for about an hour’s play. It is lots of fun to play with, both driving and shooting, so it will be hard to just stand by and watch your kids get on with it!

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Toy Tank Model Kits

1:35 German Leopard Tank Kit

This 1:35 scale model is a plastic kit of one of the Leopard German toy tanks and offers assembly as well as fun play once built. It needs the separate purchase of glue and paints but does come with an action figure to enhance the playing experience. The tank is very detailed so will look real once built and is weapons ready with a gun barrel, machine gun carriage and towing rope.

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1:48 Toy Sherman Tank Kit

This 1:48 scale model kit of a Sherman tank has a weighty lower hull made from coated die cast metal. The rest of the model is made of plastic and comes with three sets of markings. Once built it is durable and would be ideal to teach children a little about the armed forces.

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Collectors Tanks

Unimax Forces of Valor 1:32 Scale U.S. M4A3 Sherman D-Day Tank

Unimax are our favorite brand for Forces Of Valor tanks are available in 1:32 or 1:72 scale models. This 1:32 model of a US Sherman D-Day tank is an authentic replica made from die cast metal and plastic. It is very detailed with rolling tracks, turning turrets and opening hatches. It is dark green and comes with appropriate markings. It has sandbag protection on the front and comes with many accessories including four figures and various equipment. This type of battle tank was produced a lot in WWII so makes a great choice for army role play. This toy and in fact all of those in the Forces of Valor range are ideal for both collectors and older children.

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