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Current Features

How To Build A Toy Fort
How To Build A Kids Army Toy Fort

Build your kids a cheap toy fort for their plastic army men with our easy to follow step by step guide. Check it out – it looks great with drawbridge & towers!

Camo Face Paint
How To Apply Camo Face Paint For Kids

Camo face paint is a cheap & fun way to immerse your kids into army role play games or parties. Check out the theory of how to apply it properly & my attempts!

Papier-Mache Army Helmet
How To Make A Papier-Mâché Army Helmet

Have some fun & save some money with this step by step guide to making your own army helmet using papier mache. All you need is a balloon, newspaper, glue & paints.

Lego Army Men
Lego Army Men In Action: 14 Dramatic Photos

Check out these amazing photos of Lego army men in action on location. Should inspire any kids to get outside and role play with their army toys.


Coming Soon

We have lots of exciting army toys topics planned for the next few weeks and months but we would love to hear what topics you would like us to cover.

Please leave us a comment below with your ideas.

In the pipeline:

  • How to make toy armour for dressing up
  • How to make a ghillie suit
  • How to build a Lego tank
  • How to make a Lego army base
  • How to make Lego military decals
  • How to draw army men
  • How to make army action figure uniforms
  • How to make parachutes for army men toys
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