Long before GI Joe, children played with plastic army men toys. Keeping them occupied for hours at a time, these simple plastic toys were able to transform according to the imagination. There are many varieties of plastic toy soldiers in circulation today. In some respects, they have evolved over the years, but in others they’ve also stayed much the same.

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Here are our top picks of some of those available to buy today.

Large Quantity Option

This collection of 1000 toy army men is reminiscent of plastic army soldiers from days gone by. The set includes a six inch wind up crawling soldier, along with 1,000 other two inch figurines, all in green and gray. Costing approximately 2 cents per soldier, you are certainly getting value for money when buying in this large a quantity. You could spray paint various selections of the 1,000 figures to make up different teams or just to make the collection more interesting. They will offer hours of enjoyment to any army toys fan and even if a few get lost or broken, they won’t be missed.

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Toy Story Army Men – Quality Option

The Toy Story movies have caused a resurgence in the popularity of little green plastic army men so this ‘Bucket O Soldiers’ will be a welcome gift for either Toy Story or army toys fans. Based on characters from the movie, the bucket contains 70 2 ½ inch green plastic army soldiers in a selection of 10 poses, along with two working parachuting soldiers and various weaponry for extra excitement. The figures have sturdy bases so stand well and are easy to manipulate with little hands. The build quality and detailing are very good – far superior to most collections. The bucket with carry handle is useful for carrying the toys about and for storage. This is a great army toy sold at a great price that will stimulate the imagination. Please click the link for a more detailed review of these green army men.

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Medieval Army Toys Figures

This Guardian Knights playset comes with 36 plastic medieval knights in two colors to create your own castle defense league. They are scaled 1/35 so approximately 2″ tall and are good quality with nice detailing. Perfect for a medieval battle as let’s face it, what young boys don’t like to play with knights and dragons. You’ll just need a replica castle to go with them.

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Fully Varied Assortment

This 202 piece set is full of American, British, German & Japanese WWII toy army soldiers. Each troop is designated by a different color and has different moldings for a distinct look. The figures come in over 40 poses which makes them very realistic for imaginary battles. They are 1/32 scale standing at just over 2″ tall. This set is ideal being plentiful, varied and colorful and the affordability is just the icing on the cake.

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An All Encompassing Playset

Offering great value for money this Civil War playset contains 72 pieces ranging from Union and Confederate soldiers, horses, fences, bridge, sandbag walls, buildings, wagons and cannons. The soldiers stand just over 2″ tall being scaled to 1/35.

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Plastic Army Men Board Game

Days of Wonder Memoir ’44 is a distinctive historical war game where legions of plastic army men face-off in various WWII battles on an oversized game board. You get to develop a battle plan and deploy your incredibly detailed army men figures. This very popular game of strategy is best suited to players aged 12+.

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