Lego army toys can be hard to find as they are not made by Lego themselves so are not packaged in the nice kits you have come to expect.

Luckily various custom manufacturers have stepped into fill the gap by investing in the tooling necessary to make miniature weapons and to print directly onto plain Lego minifigures. They also use their engineering skills to build tanks and other army vehicles from standard Lego pieces, making detailed instructions as they go.

Other custom builders use decals to give plain minifigs an army look and these are mainly the ones you will find on Ebay.

Ebay is a great place to find Lego army men for sale as there is such a large selection. You can find single figures or sets of 2, 3, 4, 5 and more to start your own army as well as figures from other armies such as Germany, France and Japan to complete your set.

Lego military sets, such as base camp playsets, and vehicle kits can also be found on Ebay although the selection is not huge. It is however, not the place to buy Lego army guns as the choice is virtually non-existent.

It can be quite hard to pin down the best people to buy from as the names they give to their items for sale can vary meaning that your search may not bring up your desired results. As such we have trawled the Ebay sellers and found 7 that you should consider depending on what you want to buy.

The table below details what Lego army toys they typically sell. Obviously Ebay is a dynamic market place so the items we saw for sale at the time of writing will change over time, but these sellers are a good place to start.

You can see who sells Lego soldiers, army tanks and decals and whether the minifigures can be purchased in sets which will save you money per item. You can also see a comparison of prices, colors on offer as well as which armies the soldiers relate to.

Also don’t miss the extra information on three of the best sellers underneath the table. Each has an area where they are particularly good:

  • Battle Brick are the only seller to offer Lego army tank kits.
  • Sargeant Bricks have a great range of base camp sets and a few unusual Lego military minifigs.
  • Deadnight44 is not to be missed if you want to buy your soldiers in larger sets. They have many 5 figure sets that are worth checking out.









Items for sale:
















   – singles

   – 2 pack set

   – sets of 3+





$ per single*

Made with decals

Top rated seller



G, Bl, Gr, T


G, Bl, Gr, T, W


G, Gr, T, W, B


G, B, R


G, Bl, Gr, T, W



G, Bl, Gr, T





   – US

   – German

   – Civil War

   – British

   – French

   – Japanse

   – Other








* Notes:

  • SigMiniFig also has Ninja, knight and samurai warriors for sale.
  • Minifigs all come with weapons.
  • Prices are the cheapest of the range.
  • Color chart: Bl=Black; Gr=Green; W=White, G=Grey, B=Blue, R=Red, T=Tan.
  • DeadNight price is based on a set of 5.
  • GIJoePirate price includes a horse.

Battle Brick

Battle Brick is more of a complete resource for custom military Lego toys. They sell minifigures, decals, and complete vehicle sets and individual instructions. They do not however sell individual weapons.

They are currently the only Ebay seller to offer Lego army vehicle building sets including all the required bricks and complete CD instructions. Sets can be quite expensive due to the sheer number of real Lego bricks that are included (in non-standard colors) as well as a mark up for the labor of putting together these custom kits.

The M1A1 tank set is the largest comprising 660 bricks and is offered for sale at $145. The 1:35 scale model (which is perfect for minifigs) features a fully rotating turret, a poseable 120mm main gun, other guns, 2 minifigs, a working suspension and 3 hatches. It is not motorized but there is room for an engine if you are so inclined. Once built it will measure about 9″ x 4″ x 4″. Alternatively you can buy the instructions on their own (without the bricks) for $10.

Battle Brick also currently have Humvee and Stryker tank sets available.

They are a good choice for minifig soldiers as they have a range of single figures, 2 figure sets and 4 figure squads.

They are also the only place on Ebay where you can buy army decals. So if you already have a collection of blank minifigs, you can turn them into soldiers quickly and easily with a set of 15 decals for $6.

Sargeant Bricks

Sargeant Bricks is definitely worth a mention for their playsets which cost upwards of $36. They have a range of base camp sets which normally include 3 minifigures, a tent, weapons and accessories. Base camps sets are available for the British Army, USMC Desert, USMC Camo, Japanese army, German army and US army. You can also buy the US and German army tents separately for $8.99.

Some of the more unique pieces on offer by Sargeant Bricks are a minifig in Dress Marine uniform, a German army flamethrower soldier, a USMC Minesweeper soldier and a US Army Medic soldier with stretcher and medic bag.

There are also machine gun fox hole Lego army sets which include Lego bricks, baseplate, 2 Lego soldiers, weapons and accessories.


Deadnight44 is the ‘go to’ place if you want to buy sets of 5 Lego army soldiers at a good price. They range from $35-$55 for 5 soldiers complete with weapons and hats/helmets. You should also note that all their weapons are made by Brickarms and helmets are made by Brickforge. Their variety of different armies is also excellent.

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