Toy army tanks are a staple for any army toys fan.

Combine them with some plastic army men and you have an affordable military play set that will offer hours of fun for your kids.

This set of 3 die cast toy tanks are very affordable and well regarded so I thought I’d check them out.

They arrived in a clear plastic bag with no product name or item number, just the choking warning for small children in bold black type, written in English.

They are quite small but a great size for small hands to play with easily. My son really enjoyed playing with them both indoors and outside and having three toys made ‘on maneuvers’ role play that much more fun.

Toy Army TanksToy Tanks

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Features Of These Army Tank Toys

There are 3 tanks in this set, allowing your kids to create large scale army action scenes.

One is camouflage green, one is desert camouflage and one is a multi-purpose camouflage color; ideal to blend into many surroundings.

They are all powered by friction so you just pull them back, let them go and away they trundle.

The guns move back and forth as the tank rolls along.

The main guns move up and down simulating real tanks.

Each tank measures 4.5″ long, 2″ wide and 1.5″ tall.

All tanks have working movable parts.



Complete an army toys collection: They make a nice addition to toy army men, allowing kids to stage mock battles and exercises.

Toy Army Tanks In Action

Nicely detailed: Each tank is a separate color with a camouflage design so it can fit into grass, dirt or sand play areas.

Size: They are 4.5″ long so not a bad size as you can see in this picture compared to an apple.

Tank With Apple

Smooth ride: The self propelled reverse wind-up wheels with rubber tank track roll along on smooth and slightly irregular terrain.

Distance: With each pull back they travel about 10 feet on a smooth solid surface, about 2-3 feet on low pile carpet and about 1 foot on a level dirt track.

Kid friendly: They hold up well in dirt and mud with only a quick rinse under the faucet required to clear debris from the under carriage.

Educational: They introduce a whole new element to army play and can be used to introduce a bit of military history.

Durable: They are sturdy and well made and have stood up to a fair amount of play already, such as being bogged down in mud, trampled by a large dog and beaten up by a 4 year old boy! The gun turrets also wear well with normal activity. They did not break off even when they were forced upward about 15 degrees beyond their limit.

Metal & plastic: The tanks are die cast for the body and the gun turret but the gun itself, under carriage and wheels are plastic. The die cast parts makes the toy slightly heavier than those made completely of plastic but they are light enough for easy play.

Plastic Parts

Decor: The paintwork is cool making them nice looking tanks.



Gun movement: The gun turret does not move 360 degrees. It moves side to side about 45 degrees and up about 45 degrees as well.

Gun Turret Range Of Motion

Gun Fully Raised

They are a bit of a funny size so don’t really fit with other toy army vehicles that we own.

They are also a bit small when compared to standard army men but my son didn’t seem to mind!


Overall Review

These sturdy and surprisingly life-like little tanks were well received by Ben (my son) and his group of friends who helped test drive them. They all highly recommended them.

Start your birthday or Christmas stockpile today!

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