GI Joe must be THE action figure of choice for boys, so if your children are into GI Joe figures, then help complete their role play fun with some of the cool GI Joe vehicles on offer.

There are a wide range available to choose from including vintage versions, however, those most popular with kids today are those from the live action movie, The Rise Of Cobra.

There are two ranges as well as individual toy army vehicles to choose from. The Alpha range vehicles come with launchers, projectiles and surprise attack features as well as a 3.75″ figure. For example the Ghost Hawk comes with a firing missile launcher, rotating engines and interchangeable weapon accessories and the cockpit opens so the figure can ride inside.

The Bravo vehicles are larger and equipped with a hidden reveal weapons system. This means you just have to pop up the missile launcher and flip down the missile storage bays to be weapons ready. A 3.75″ figure comes again as standard.

You can also find the PIT Mobile Headquarters which is a great GI Joe playset. It has multiple levels and represents the fortress HQ of operations from the movie. To start with it operates as a heavily armored vehicle but then transforms into a high tech HQ where up to 84 of your child’s GI Joe figures can plan operations. It has various interesting features such as elevators, sounds and secret compartments. When in vehicle mode there are weapons at the sides and front and these convert to a gun platform when used as the HQ and it comes with a 3.75″ figure to start off any collection.

Below are our top picks for the three best GI Joe toy vehicles but click here for the full range of vehicles.

GI Joe Bravo Vehicle Steel Crusher H2 With Nitro Viper

The Steel Crusher is an armor plated enemy GI Joe vehicle that shows brute force strength when on its destructive missions. It is basically a Humvee that transforms into the intimidating attack vehicle. The Nitro Viper baddie figure is on the run and the GI Joe team has to stop him before he pops up the missile launcher and blasts them or anything else in his way. The figure sports an armored outfit and helmet. The vehicle’s front doors open so the figure can sit at the wheel and drive and there is an Iron Plow attachment he can use to increase the danger to the Joes.

The vehicle looks good and feels sturdy. Extremities such as the front ramming grill and side mirrors are either removable or are made of soft plastic so don’t break easily. The tires are real rubber, not plastic, so grip well on most home surfaces and stop the vehicle rolling over too much. There is an armored shield on the roof that can be slid down over the windshield as required. This then releases the passenger to stand up and fire from the hole in the roof. There are hidden panels on the passenger doors that pull off to reveal concealed rockets. There is room for two figures to sit inside the vehicle but there are also foot pegs around the vehicle for extra figures to ride along. Overall this vehicle is highly recommended.

GI Joe R.H.I.N.O. Vehicle

In all its glory, RHINO stands for ‘Rapid Heli-Intigrated Neutralizing Offensive’. This basically means you get a two in one vehicle that is combat ready with its hidden helicopter – it is effectively a ground/helicopter vehicle combination.

This blue-gray vehicle is awesome and full of features, the most exciting of which is the detachable helicopter. All you have to do to deploy it is push a button at the rear and a spring loaded platform effectively pops the helicopter part out of the middle of the vehicle. You then get to pull out the rotor blades and away it goes.

The two vehicles come with three missile pods that can be attached to either. The ground vehicle also features six opening hatches, plenty of room for more of your collection of figures (up to nine more in addition to the new Rampage figure that you get) and has multiple mount points for weapons. The only downsides are that only the single missile launcher actually fires and the tires are back to plastic rather than the rubber versions found on the Steel Crusher above. They still roll well though. Overall this vehicle is chunky, durable and fun. With a great design and so many features it is bound to please any GI Joe toys fan.

GI Joe Night Raven Vehicle With Air Viper

The Night Raven is the fearsome fighter jet aircraft from the movie. This role play copy offers hours of adventurous play with its raft of electronic lights and sounds. There is a handle you can lower to “fly” this jet vehicle and there is retractable landing gear to make flight time more realistic. The included Air Viper 3.75″ action figure fits neatly into the cockpit via the opening hatch. For combat there is a lock-and-load firing action with two rotary 6-missile launchers – two missiles are fired with each trigger pull but they can be refired quickly for a rapid fire action.

The sounds are realistic and varied to keep the effects interesting. You can also play them simultaneously. They include jet fly by and pilot communication sounds as well as firing blasts and bullet ricochets. On the downside it would have been nice if it was a bit bigger and came with wheels that roll. Overall this is an impressive and durable warbird. Just make sure you buy the 3 AA batteries for it before your GI Joe fan is left disappointed.

So if your army toys fans are into GI Joe, don’t miss out on these extra special vehicles.

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