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Toy Guns For KidsBest Toy Guns For Kids

See our toy army guns top picks including those in full combat sets with accessories such as grenades and helmets. Also learn toy gun safety tips.

Walkie Talkies ToysBest Walkie Talkies For Kids That Actually Work

Choose walkie talkies for imaginative play, exercise & socialization but avoid inferior kids models. Here are 3 of the best kids walkie talkies.

Kids Army CostumeArmy Costumes For Kids For Dressing Up Fun

Kids army costumes are perfect for dress up role play fun. Try uniforms, boots, helmets, weapons, dog tags & camo face paint for a realistic look.

ArmouronArmouron Action Set Body Armour

Bandai’s Armouron starter set is a colorful, customizable suit of armour, helmet & shield for battling fun. Accessorize with spikes and more.


Fun Zone

Camo Face PaintHow To Apply Camo Face Paint For Kids

Camo face paint is a cheap & fun way to immerse your kids into army role play. Check out the theory of how to apply it properly & my attempts!

Kids Army HelmetHow To Make A Papier-Mâché Army Helmet

Have some fun & save money with this step by step guide to making your own army helmet. All you need is a balloon, newspaper, glue & paints.


Toy guns for kids are a critical element to any collection of kids army gear. They are plentiful in any dollar store in any number of different styles. For a few dollars extra you can get toy army guns with sounds and rotating barrels. They are perfect for shooting the baddie in role play games whether the scene is set in the past or the future where aliens are invading the planet.

Full combat sets are a step up from the single toy gun gift. There are different bundles available which include guns and other army gear for kids such as camo helmets, vests, grenades, walkie talkies and night vision binoculars.

Kids mad on army toys can also enjoy dressing up in army costumes for parties, role playing or just to be patriotic. Costing from about $20, dress up uniforms can make army play that much more realistic.

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