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Lego ArmyCreate Your Own Lego Army With Custom Military Legos

The world of custom Lego military sets is vast. Choose from Lego soldiers, guns and tanks. Find out what is available & tips for building your army.

EbayThe Best Places To Buy Lego Army Toys On Ebay

Ebay is great for finding Lego military toys, especially Lego army men for sale. But it’s a minefield(!) so check out the 7 sellers we recommend.

Army LegosWhat Army Legos Can You Expect To Find?

Lego themselves produce a few army Lego sets, but most are custom made. See what Lego has to offer & inspiration for vehicles to make from scratch.

Mega Bloks ProbuilderBestselling Mega Bloks Army Sets

For quality brick army vehicle kits, the Mega Bloks Pro Builder range nicely fills the Lego gap. For kids aged 7+ there are kits with 200-2000 pieces.


Fun Zone

Lego Army MenLego Army Men In Action: 14 Dramatic Photos

Check out these amazing photos of Lego army figures in action on location. Should inspire any kids to get outside and role play with their army toys.


Lego army sets are few and far between as the Lego company prefer to keep kids ‘battle’ play to fantasy environments rather than those approximating real life. Luckily for parents of army mad kids who want them to play with the ever popular Lego toys, there are custom manufacturers and hobbyists who fill the gap in the market.

There are minifig Lego soldiers, teeny Lego guns and Lego tanks and other vehicles, to build and play with. If you know where to find them, the range is vast and the prices aren’t too bad. Army men minifigs start at around $6 and weapons cost about $1. Vehicles on the other hand can be quite pricey because the custom manufacturers have to buy standard Lego pieces at shop prices, come up with a step by step design and package up all the right bits for you. Some do just sell the instructions which is great if you have a box full of Lego bricks waiting to be built.

Of course, Lego are not the only building block manufacturers. Other companies have tried to step into the army toys brick market. These include Mega Bloks whose Probuilder range is well thought of. Cobi and Best Lock are two other alternatives.

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