The range of Lego army men for sale may be small but they sure add some drama to any army play.

Lego may not make army toys but custom manufacturers and hobbyists have been busy as you can see in the following amazing photographs.

On location shots add a real sense of purpose to these minifigures.

How many hours of fun could your kids have with a couple of these Lego army figures, a few weapons and a bit of scenery?

You might want to stop them making their own ‘under fire’ scene though.

Lego army men under fire

Under fire – gritty realism in army minifig land

Design & photo credit: leg0fenris


Jungle action

Design & photo credit: leg0fenris

Snowy combat

WWII British sniper in snowy combat with a steampunky gun

Design & photo credit: Batmaniam

Winter scene

Another excellent snowy composition – available as a poster

Design & photo credit: Shobrick

Dug in

Dug in and awaiting the enemy – very edgy in B&W

Design & photo credit: leg0fenris

Night ops

Night ops – outstanding night vision shot

Design & photo credit: leg0fenris

US Army Ranger squad

Modern US Army Ranger Squad ready for action

Design & photo credit: ShockAndAwe

Lego M4 Sherman Tank

Camouflaged M4 Sherman tank on maneuvers

Design & photo credit: Lego Junkie

Lego army tank

Another M4 Sherman tank battling the terrain

Design & photo credit: Milan CMadge

British Lego soldiers

British soldiers ready with mortars

Design & photo credit: Milan CMadge


USMC BAR gunner and assistant on rocky ground

Design & photo credit: Milan CMadge

Lego army minifig and grenade launcher

Lego soldier showing off his steampunky grenade launcher!

Design & photo credit: Legtayor

BAR Gunner

Another BAR Gunner mixing nature with Lego

Design & photo credit: Chicken Boy

101st Airborne Division army minifigs

101st Airborne Division minifigs with tons of gear

Design & photo credit: Lakuda’s customs and surplus

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