If you have read our post on Army Legos you will know that the choice of army themed Lego toys is limited at best. As such if you want some building block army toys for your kids, you will need to look elsewhere.

Thankfully the well loved Mega Bloks brand has a great range of alternatives on offer. Their building blocks are very similar to Legos so your child will probably not notice any difference. Mega Bloks army sets can be found in the Probuilder range and cover many vehicle types including racing cars, speed boats and motorbikes, but also features a large number of army toys, specifically ships, tanks and aircraft.

As the name suggests these Probuilder sets are not quick fix kits and as such are recommended for children aged 7+. They typically have a large number of bricks (anywhere from 224 up to 2450) and can take many hours or days to finish.

The larger sets can be a challenge to build but the instructions are clear and all of the pieces fit where they are supposed to.

If you just want to build your model once and then play with it for years, you will get a stronger finished product if you use small drops of glue when building to hold the model together.

Once completed the Probuilder models are well detailed in regard to color and design. These sets are great educational toys – not only will your children learn about army vehicles, they will sharpen their motor skills during the build and will enjoy imaginative play once complete. Overall these outstanding military kits are fun to make.

The 5 bestselling kits are listed next as well as the whole army range by kit size at the bottom of this post.

Mega Bloks Probuilder Navy Destroyer

This very popular Battleship set contains 545 pieces. It is styled with very realistic military detailing and is great for role play with its working missiles that fire. It has a command tower, loading deck, articulated Navy figure and a pulley to deploy hovercraft and is actually a 3-in-1 toy set. The instructions allow you to build the large battleship or two other smaller vessels at the same time. The battleship is designed to safeguard other ships in the fleet, so why not choose some of the other sets in the range to accompany it?

Mega Bloks Pro Builder USS Nimitz

This monster Mega Bloks Lego army set has close to 1400 pieces which enables a super US aircraft carrier to be built. The result is a true to life replica with many special features such as underside wheels for more mobility or display purposes, aircraft elevators that move up and down, missile cannons, a control tower, directional lights and take off runways, not to mention the eight F-14 jets that are included and fit inside the ship to store. Stickers are included to complete the attention to detail. Being such a large set it offers many hours of fun building time for your kids followed by exciting role play afterwards. When it is finished it measures a whopping 36″ in length. Unfortunately this model is no longer made which pushes the price up. If shopping on Amazon look to the ‘More Buying Choices’ box to find non-featured sellers where you may get a better price. It may also be worth trying for a more acceptable price range – just watch your shipping costs.

Mega Bloks Probuilder Gromitz Minehunter Boat

It seems that the Mega Blocks Probuilder boats, top the best sellers of this range, however the Gromitz Minehunter is the last of our top choices. At 343 pieces it is not the biggest set but it does have a host of features including a large rotating cannon. The detailing is authentic so once built, this boat can be used to detect and neutralize mines in army role play games.

Mega Bloks Probuilder Eurofighter Typhoon

This state of the art twin engine fighter aircraft can be built from the 291 piece set. The detailing is great thanks to the delta wings, impressive nose and variety of weapons, so will look the part for a multitude of air attack role play scenarios. The cockpit opens to reveal a fighter pilot figure who is fully articulated, making the overall look of the aircraft more authentic.

Mega Bloks Probuilder M1A1 Abrams Tank

Why not complete your military set with this Abrams army tank? It is authentically detailed with a rotating cannon turret, side camo net and working treads as well as other moveable parts such as opening hatches. It has 850 pieces that will keep you busy for a while building this big, 18.5″ model. Once finished you can create your own custom camouflage design on the plain tan tank with the two included washable ink camouflage pens – one black and one dark brown. The only downsides to this tank are that no figures come with it and the side panels and gun turret are prone to falling off if not secured well.

If you are interested in some of the other Mega Blocks Pro Builder army toys, here is the full range ordered by number of pieces.

  Kit Pieces
Sea Wolf 2450
Aerial Assault 2100
USS Kittyhawk 1700
USS Nimitz 1400
Abrams Tank 850
Battleship Collector Series 780
Battleship Stealth Ship 733
Leopard 2 Tank 562
Navy Destroyer 545
Tactical Fighter 525
Assault Chopper 420
Gromitz Minehunter Boat 343
Eurofighter Typhoon 291
Hydra Airborn Support Unit 235
Snake Mobile Defense Unit 235
Fighter Jet 224

All Mega Bloks Probuilder instructions are available on the Megabloks website.

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