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Toy Army TanksSet Of 3 Die Cast Toy Army Tanks Review

For kid friendly army tank toys, look than no further than this set of 3. Sturdy & affordable; they are the perfect mate for your kids toy army men.

Syma S107G HelicopterSyma RC Helicopter Review: S107G

Check out our in depth Syma S107 RC helicopter review, photos & video to get a feel for what you’re buying. At around $20 they are great value for money.


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Army Toy Tanks6 Of The Best Army Tank Toys

Toy soldiers need toy tanks for realistic battle play. Check out our top picks from basic & remote control versions, model kits & collectors pieces.

GI Joe VehiclesBest GI Joe Vehicles

GI Joe action figures need GI Joe toy vehicles. There is a wide range of cool & fun models on offer incl. a complete playset. We pick the best!

Mega Bloks ProbuilderBestselling Mega Bloks Army Sets

For quality brick army vehicle kits, the Mega Bloks Pro Builder range nicely fills the Lego gap. For kids aged 7+ there are kits with 200-2000 pieces.


Much like plastic army men, toy army vehicles range from the dollar store options to the collectors pieces. Bulk sets of these army toys are great value for money when buying for kids. They include a variety of vehicles, including tanks, planes and trucks, and cost around $25 for a 100 piece set.

Cost per vehicle increases as you move to larger, more detailed models. Unimax are a top manufacturer of kids army vehicles and their pieces are made from die cast metal and plastic. Realistic styles of well known tanks, trucks, battleships, airplanes and helicopters are available in 1:32 or smaller 1:72 scale models. They cost from about $16 all the way up to over $500 so are best suited to slightly older children and collectors.

The Mega Bloks Probuilder range is another well thought of brand if you want to build your own vehicles brick by brick. There are a few Lego Army Creator sets on offer too or you can buy custom plans available online to help build popular tanks from Lego blocks.

Perhaps the most popular types of military vehicle though are those flown or driven by remote control. RC tanks and helicopters are great fun and make a top gift for kids and those young at heart.

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