21st Century Toys has been making their Ultimate Soldier action figures and vehicles since 1997. Their figures are either scaled as 1:6, 1:18 or 1:32 although the 1:6 or 12″ figures were the most popular until they stopped being made in 2002. These Ultimate Soldier figures cost between $20-$30.

To accompany the plastic army men, they make sets of Ultimate Soldier weapons and uniforms that can be swapped and used to make more complete and interesting role play scenarios. The uniforms cover the following wars: WWII, Vietnam, Korea, as well as Operation Desert Storm. The uniform sets costs between $10-$30.

The Ultimate Soldier toys are in direct competition with the GI Joe range, although their USP has been their more detailed accessories. Depending on the figure, it will either have 15 or 27 articulated joints and will be made with flexible plastic. Those with the extra joints can be posed in more positions than a human body! They are also made of tough materials that will hold up under the fire your little ones might dish out during play.

The best selling 12″ figures include:

WWII US Tank Commander

Start your Ultimate Soldier action figure collection with this authentic US Tank Commander. He comes with tanker’s coveralls and a waist jacket. He looks tough and can be kitted with a large number of accessories, including a cigar! He has a helmet, removable goggles and binoculars, a belt for his ammo packs, a holster for his sidearm and a scabbard for his knife. He is weapons ready with a grease gun machine pistol and don’t forget his working jerry can.

Russian Spetznaz Soldier

This highly detailed Russian soldier comes with a lot of accessories for hours of role play fun.


WWII British Commando

This Royal Marines Commando figure is authentically detailed like all of the Ultimate Soldiers. He has the improved articulated body from the new Super Soldier line. He comes in fatigues, a knit cap and fake leather commando vest. He is well accessorized with an automatic sidearm and holster, ammo pouch, a sheath to hold his commando knife, a canteen, a backpack as well as a Sten machine pistol with silencer.

Pack Of 3 Vietnam War Veterans

This is a great multi figure pack to honor those soldiers who served in Vietnam.


Weapons & Accessories

There are various weapons sets that you can buy to accompany your Ultimate Soldier. The WWII US .30 Caliber Machine Gun set for example is a six piece 1:6 set that works with all of the 12″ action figures. It is highly detailed and contains a Browning water cooled machine gun which was used a lot in WWII, a tripod mount, a water reservoir, hose, ammo case and ammunition. The toy version is 6″ long showing how large this gun was in real life and why it was operated by a two man crew. It is a great replica even down to the tiny cartridges – perfect for collecting and displaying.

As well as weapons you can accessorize your Ultimate Soldiers with uniform and accessory sets such as the US Modern Radio Telephone Operator set and the German Infantry Eastern Front set. The ‘gear’ included comprises uniforms, boots, weapons and accessories and fits all 12″ figures. The WWII German Officer Uniform set comes with a uniform, hat, boots, rifle, canteen and more. The British Commando accessory set includes a cap, two ammunition pouches, a handgun and holster, a rifle, knife and sheath, boots, a small pouch and a satchel. As you can see all sets are very comprehensive, highly detailed and authentic but only contain the uniforms etc, not any figures. They provide a good opportunity to try out different uniforms on your figures.

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