With army toys and Lego toys being so popular with kids, it is no wonder that parents would like to see them join together into a range of army Legos toys. Unfortunately Lego does not produce modern day warfare Lego, such as tanks and helicopters as they prefer to keep children’s playtimes in the realms of fantasy rather than reality. You can, however, find army type vehicles in the LEGO Creator range, including the LEGO Creator 5866 Helicopter, the Lego Creator 6741 Mini Jet and the Lego Creator 6742 Mini Off Roader.

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Lego is of course a construction toy, so in fact you can build anything you like. You don’t really need a set as you can instead use your own creativity rather than follow a set of instructions from a Lego box. Just look what you can build with a bit of inspiration.

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Photo by psiaki.

Photo by psiaki.

For those of us that are not quite up to that standard, you can improvise and buy the few Lego army sets that are available. The Toy Story movie helped us out when the Toy Story green army men became so popular that Lego produced a set of them, called Toy Story Army Men On Patrol. Four of these brave toy soldier Lego mini figures come with a 3” Jeep, a spare tire and a stretcher. Everything in this set is bright green and it is well liked. The minifigures are cool – three are Lego soldiers, one mine sweeper, one rifle man and one radio man, whilst the fourth member is a medic. They all come with printing on their chests to show the detailing of their uniforms as well as helmets. The Jeep rolls easily and is an adorable addition to help with role play. At $11 it is well worth the money, but it may be worth buying a few sets to extend your army.

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For a more medieval army feel, you could get a set from the Lego Vikings range, such as the Army of Vikings with Heavy Artillery Wagon (7020). This 312 piece set comes with 7 Viking Lego minifigs and a rolling armoured wagon that launches 10 bolts. The army Lego toys can march into battle as brave warriors carrying swords and spears.

So if your child has a fascination for things that go ‘boom’ as well as for Lego, you should be able to come up with something. There are of course other manufacturers of construction type toys, similar to Lego, who do produce an army toys range. Best Lock Toys have a 750 piece Transporter & Tank set, a 500 piece Attack Copter & Tank set and a 330 piece Military Play Set amongst others. The building blocks used are very similar to Lego but the range includes many highly detailed and realistic military vehicles. However, reviews suggest that they are not up to Lego’s quality which may explain why they are relatively inexpensive.

Another reputable option to consider is the Mega Bloks army sets found in the Probuilder range. It includes many military models such as the Navy Destroyer and Minehunter ships and the Air Force Warthog. They are quite advanced sets so are recommend for children aged 8 years and over but receive good reviews.

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