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Toy Story Army MenToy Story Army Men Bucket Of Soldiers Review

The Toy Story little green army men bucket is top quality. Read our full review of the 72 men incl. 2 parachutists & see 12 photos of them in action.


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Plastic Army Men ToysBest Plastic Army Men Toys

See our army men toys top picks including value for money sets of 1000 soldiers, Toy Story sets, medieval army toys and much more.

Toy Army MenToy Army Men Buying Guide

Although they’re cheap, there is still much to think about when buying toy army men sets. Save money by checking out our buying guide.

Airfix Toy SoldiersAirfix Toy Soldiers: The Whole Collection

For high quality models, Airfix soldiers are a must have. Available in 1:72 & larger 1:32 scales, check out these fun & indestructible boys army toys.

Ultimate Soldier Action FiguresUltimate Soldier Action Figures: Large Army Men Toys

For large scale army men toys, Ultimate Soldier figures are a top choice. At 12″ tall they are similar to GI Joe but have more detailed accessories.


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How To Build A Toy FortHow To Build A Kids Army Toy Fort

Build your kids a cheap toy fort for their army men with our easy to follow step by step guide. Check it out – it looks great with drawbridge & towers!


Plastic army men toys are one of the cheapest and most popular options when it comes to military toys. Typically they are small and green and come in a variety of fixed poses. They are not action figures so arms and legs cannot be moved. Instead children stand them in various positions and move them about to simulate an imaginary battle.

The smaller sets will include about 40 toy army men and can be found quite cheaply costing about $7. Larger sets can also be found which contain up to 1000 toy soldiers. They are great value for money, costing around $25, but the quality of each toy is often inferior.

When choosing which set to buy you will need to decide on the era. Toy army men sets are available which depict medieval battles, through the Civil War and World Wars up to the current day.

For movie themed toys, the popular Toy Story army men sets are a great choice, offering good quality and value for money. 72 of these little green army men come in a bucket or you can also find a Lego set including soldiers and a Jeep.

GI Joe soldiers are a well known large scale and articulated option. These army action figures are bigger and much more detailed and come with weapons, sounds, real clothing and moveable limbs. For all these features though you do pay more, in fact $10 for a 3.75″ tall figure and more for larger figures.

For kids into army toys and craft activities, model soldiers make a great gift. The Airfix toy soldier range is well liked and the two different sizes of army men can be built and painted before being played with.

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