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The Toy Story movies have really helped to re-introduce plastic army men as a fun and imaginative toy. My son really enjoyed this Toy Story bucket of soldiers from the official merchandise range. It is top quality with plenty of soldiers, a variety of poses and the added bonus of 2 parachutists. In the movies, [...]

Having heard good things about the S107G Syma RC Helicopter, I thought I ought to check it out. I was a bit worried when the box turned up as it says for kids aged 14+ and Ben (my son) is only 10, albeit going on 35. Opening the box did nothing to allay my fears [...]

Whether your child just wants to look the part for army role play in the backyard or whether you need to add the final touches to their kids army costumes if they are going to an army themed party, you may need some ideas on how to apply camo face paint. I was in this [...]

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