Walkie talkies toys are often a favorite staple of kids army gear these days. They can come up with endless missions or spy games with these sets of communication gadgets.

Parents should love them too. Read why below but basically they encourage many different traits in kids play, such as imagination, exercise and socialization, and are also great to offer a bit of independence to youngsters whilst still allowing you to keep tabs on them.

These toys come in a number of different guises, although those made specifically for kids typically tend to be of inferior quality. We will look below at 3 of the best walkie talkies for kids – a quality Lego offering made especially for kids, a bestselling standard version that would still be perfect for kids and a cool wristwatch style of walkie talkie that will ensure your kids do not drop or lose them.


LEGO Walkie Talkies **Child Friendly

Walkie Talkies Lego

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Products designed for kids are always going to be better for them than adult products as they will be in fun colors and will typically be smaller and so easier for them to manage. As such these Lego toy Walkie Talkies for kids top the charts – they are made for kids but also actually work! They are easy to use with just one button to press to talk and can cover a distance of up to 1 mile between sets. The reception and quality is very good. There is also a volume control so you can turn them down when they are playing indoors. The Lego look of the design is fun and colorful. They have a good battery life and are able to stand up to the odd dropping dished out by children. The only downside is that there is only one channel and the Lego brick stickers can peel off over time but overall they are a great choice.


Uniden Walkie Talkies **Great value

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This set of walkie talkies is a bestselling adult option but if you want something that works for a great price, you would be well advised to talk your child out of the movie or cartoon character version they want. These two way radios have 22 channels to choose from and work within a 12 mile range. They weigh slightly more than the Lego option but are still a compact size so perfect for kids. They offer much more potential in terms of getting value for money as they can be used at much greater distances, say at school, sporting events or the shopping mall. They can also be used in areas where cell phone signals are weak. The range on these walkie talkies varies according to your location, as with all such sets. The more built up an area is the less distance the signal will travel so in urban environments, expect 1-2 miles. They come with six batteries and the battery life of up to 20 hours is extended thanks to the automatic power save mode and you know when your battery needs charging due to the displayed meter. It is still a good idea to use rechargeable batteries though to keep your ongoing costs down. The sound quality is very good and being affordable and easy to use they are perfect for kids.


Wrist Watch Walkie Talkies ** Cool

Walkie Talkies Wrist Watch

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For the best kids walkie talkies that are a bit more nifty although also a bit more expensive, take a look at these watch walkie talkies. They are state of the art fashionable wrist watch walkie talkies that any would be spy kid would be proud of. They are a functioning LCD display watch to keep your kids on time but also double up as multi channel walkie talkies with a 6km range, although this is reduced considerably in built up areas. They come with everything you need for a two person kit including two wired headsets. The wrist watches are lightweight and save you holding a walkie in your hand whilst communicating. Being strapped on, they will be hard for even your child to lose. The range and clarity of communication is very good so these cool little gadgets come highly recommended. They are perfect for spy games or for keeping in touch.


Toy Walkie Talkies: Why They’re Great

Walkie talkie toys are effectively two way radios that give your kids a communication gadget to play with without you having to buy them a mobile phone that is going to cost you in call charges as well as the initial cost.

If you buy wisely, such as a set with long distance capabilities you could even use these ‘toys’ as communication devices to keep in touch with your kids when they are out and about and save yourself a bit of money in the process.

Kids seem to love walkie talkies toys. They are the perfect role play toy – your child can pretend to be GI Joe, James Bond or even a spy and will have the necessary equipment to communicate secretly with the rest of his team on their secret mission. They can dash around the house, garden or local woodland with them, talking to their friend in a different location. Espionage and war games are particularly popular and as a toy walkie talkie only needs batteries to get it going it is quick and easy to use.

Toy walkie talkies are so popular with kids that there are numerous models designed specifically with them in mind – Toy Story 3, Transformers and Power Rangers to name but a few. The trouble with the ‘kids’ versions is that hardly any of them get a decent write up. And they are not cheap either. You seem to be paying for the look rather than the function of these sets as they are expensive on batteries and the transmissions are barely audible. Other than the Lego Walkie Talkies that is, where as you would expect, you get a quality product.

As such, you are well advised to steer clear of kids walkie talkies and stick with the best rated ‘normal’ versions – see our top 3 picks above. Your kids will have a much better play time with these and they are likely to be cheaper or at least no more expensive than the latest movie themed versions.

Being an army toys focused site, I was hoping to be able to tell you about some cool camo walkie talkies for kids, but despite there being at least two sets on the market that I have reviewed, they are not much good, so I won’t even waste your time. Your kids are going to have to go with an ‘army’ theme for their role play rather than the look of their walkie talkies.


Why Parents Love Them

Walkie talkies are great for parents as well as kids and here’s why:

  • Your kids will use their imagination to come up with more and more scenarios for walkie talkie play.
  • They will get exercise from having to move about on their covert missions.
  • They will get fresh air as it is likely that they will play outside whilst exploring what their walkie talkies can do.
  • They will play socially as they need a friend to join in the fun.
  • They will improve their communication skills as they need to articlulate well what they want to put across to their friends.
  • They may enhance their mental skills by using secret codes during communications.
  • They encourage quiet and shy kids to talk.
  • You can keep track of your kids whether inside or out of the house without yelling.
  • You can use them after bedtime as a safety blanket so your youngsters know they can get hold of you easily when you’re downstairs
  • You can keep in touch with older children that may want to do a bit of their own thing while you’re all out shopping.
  • You can check in with your kids wherever they are without embarassing them.
  • There is no monthly service fee to pay as with cell phones.

You can get a set of kids walkie talkie toys for less than $30. Given the prices of toys these days, this is pretty reasonable for a toy that has all the benefits mentioned above and will get a lot of use.

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