Long before GI Joe, children played with plastic army men toys. Keeping them occupied for hours at a time, these simple plastic toys were able to transform according to the imagination. There are many varieties of plastic toy soldiers in circulation today. In some respects, they have evolved over the years, but in others they’ve […]

Walkie talkie toys are effectively two way radios that give your kids a communication gadget to play with without you having to buy them a mobile phone that is going to cost you in call charges as well as the initial cost. If you buy wisely, such as a set with long distance capabilities you […]

Walkie talkies toys are often a favorite staple of kids army gear these days. They can come up with endless missions or spy games with these sets of communication gadgets. Parents should love them too. Read why below but basically they encourage many different traits in kids play, such as imagination, exercise and socialization, and […]

The shelves are stocked with all types of various weapons: shotguns, handguns, rifles, and submachine guns. Have you entered the exhibit hall of the local NRA convention? No. You’re strolling down the aisles of a toy store searching for the perfect birthday gift for your son. Buying toy army guns for kids is completely natural […]

There are many cheap and cheerful army men toys and army playsets available online but if your child plays with kids army toys a lot, you may want to consider some of the better quality versions on offer. Whether they are toy soldiers, army toy tanks or role play toys, those from the following brands […]

If your children are into kids army toys then you will not be stuck for choices when it comes to buying them presents. The range of army related gifts is very varied and includes soldier action figures, army vehicles, role play toys such as guns and costumes and even board games. Build up your collection […]

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