So craft is not really my thing but my son wanted an army helmet to play with, so we had a bash. He actually wanted to paint his bike helmet but after I explained why that wasn’t such a great idea, we decided to go the papier-mâché route. It was actually a fun thing to […]

If you are looking for some kids army gear for a birthday or Christmas present, look no further than the new Armouron body armour toy from Bandai. These colorful, customisable suits of armour allow children to dress up as knights and fight any make believe baddies that get in their way. The basic Armouron starter […]

Army costumes for kids may be needed for a fancy dress party or just for role play dressing up. They can be fun for both and come in a wide range of styles. The term covers quite a broad spectrum of military themed clothing so you can pick from various get ups from the army, […]

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