Long before GI Joe, children played with plastic army men toys. Keeping them occupied for hours at a time, these simple plastic toys were able to transform according to the imagination. There are many varieties of plastic toy soldiers in circulation today. In some respects, they have evolved over the years, but in others they’ve […]

21st Century Toys has been making their Ultimate Soldier action figures and vehicles since 1997. Their figures are either scaled as 1:6, 1:18 or 1:32 although the 1:6 or 12″ figures were the most popular until they stopped being made in 2002. These Ultimate Soldier figures cost between $20-$30. To accompany the plastic army men, […]

Airfix has been well known for its high quality model kits since the 1950’s, as they are loved by kids and adults alike. Their range of plastic army men toys includes small 1:72 models as well as larger 1:32 scale versions. They are a great option to use to create your kids toy army as […]

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