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If you are looking for some kids army gear for a birthday or Christmas present, look no further than the new Armouron body armour toy from Bandai. These colorful, customisable suits of armour allow children to dress up as knights and fight any make believe baddies that get in their way. The basic Armouron starter [...]

Walkie talkie toys are effectively two way radios that give your kids a communication gadget to play with without you having to buy them a mobile phone that is going to cost you in call charges as well as the initial cost. If you buy wisely, such as a set with long distance capabilities you [...]

Walkie talkies toys are often a favorite staple of kids army gear these days. They can come up with endless missions or spy games with these sets of communication gadgets. Parents should love them too. Read why below but basically they encourage many different traits in kids play, such as imagination, exercise and socialization, and [...]

GI Joe must be THE action figure of choice for boys, so if your children are into GI Joe figures, then help complete their role play fun with some of the cool GI Joe vehicles on offer. There are a wide range available to choose from including vintage versions, however, those most popular with kids [...]

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