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If your child has conned you into some camouflage bedding then you will need to know the best sets out there to ensure you spend your money wisely. As such here are our top picks of the kids camo bedding sets available as well as those for babies. InStyle Boys Camo Bedding Set This brown [...]

The shelves are stocked with all types of various weapons: shotguns, handguns, rifles, and submachine guns. Have you entered the exhibit hall of the local NRA convention? No. You’re strolling down the aisles of a toy store searching for the perfect birthday gift for your son. Buying toy army guns for kids is completely natural [...]

The camouflage design has become popular with both child and adult army fans and those with loved ones in the military. It has progressed in civilian life from only being found in kids army costumes to a range of bedroom accessories as well. As such you can now kit out yours or your child’s bedroom [...]

21st Century Toys has been making their Ultimate Soldier action figures and vehicles since 1997. Their figures are either scaled as 1:6, 1:18 or 1:32 although the 1:6 or 12″ figures were the most popular until they stopped being made in 2002. These Ultimate Soldier figures cost between $20-$30. To accompany the plastic army men, [...]

If you have read our post on Army Legos you will know that the choice of army themed Lego toys is limited at best. As such if you want some building block army toys for your kids, you will need to look elsewhere. Thankfully the well loved Mega Bloks brand has a great range of [...]

Airfix has been well known for its high quality model kits since the 1950′s, as they are loved by kids and adults alike. Their range of plastic army men toys includes small 1:72 models as well as larger 1:32 scale versions. They are a great option to use to create your kids toy army as [...]

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